Hello, Friends!~~

Joyceline, she of a clan with no name, is the lovely, fierce, stubborn, resourceful, and reluctantly intrepid heroine of my next Scottish historical romance, Lord and The Lass. I found the following images that convey the strong, fierce, and dare I say, earthy Joyceline.

kellymacdonald460This photo of Scottish actress, Kelly MacDonald, conveys suspicion that hides a little fear. When the story opens, this mood represents Joyceline very well.

trendalert-me-keira-knightley-7As the story unfolds, Joyceline becomes more comfortable in the presence of hero, Blane, Earl of Ross, and very introspective of her life and her uncertain future. However, there is a trace of a smile on her lips which reveals that she welcomes  but suppresses giving into change. This image of Keira Knightley (from her film Pride and Prejudice) captures the emotional transitions Joyceline makes deep into the story.

Lord and the Lass released summer 2015. Stay tuned for the date!