With Winter, Hope Springs Eternal…

…or something like that. I don’t expect that you are holding your breath for the release of my next Scottish historical romance Lord and the Lass and to be honest neither am I. The editing process is bogged down and I find myself working slowly through the quagmire of editing details and polishing and polishing AND polishing the story to make it worthy of your reading time. I am overall happy with the progress  but of course would like it to go a wee bit faster, but the purpose is not to write fast but to write, well…right. By “right” I mean to offer you the best possible story I can. I can, me, Elizabeth Holcombe, and not Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, or Bill Bryson, all super-duper writers who I strongly suggest you read everything they write…just sayin’.

Anyhoo, my friends, this winter I hope to offer you another one of my Scottish romances. And I certainly hope you enjoy it. I really do.

Catch you on the flipside…

Slainte mhath! Elizabethscotland_castle_eileen_don_winter_snow_city_vintage_hd-wallpaper-244294

On The Way…

Hello, Friends!~~~

When I write, I envision “The Shining” scene where Jack Nicholson is writing furiously, completely focused, and I think that is what my writing day should be like.


But sometimes my writing day is more like Jack Nicholson in the later part of the film after the madness has consumed him…


All in a day’s work.

Keep posted as I hope Lord and the Lass, my third Scottish historical romance, will be released by summer’s end lest the madness consume me (you know I jest).

Slainte!  Elizabeth

Heroine Inspiration: Lord and The Lass (summer 2015)

Hello, Friends!~~

Joyceline, she of a clan with no name, is the lovely, fierce, stubborn, resourceful, and reluctantly intrepid heroine of my next Scottish historical romance, Lord and The Lass. I found the following images that convey the strong, fierce, and dare I say, earthy Joyceline.

kellymacdonald460This photo of Scottish actress, Kelly MacDonald, conveys suspicion that hides a little fear. When the story opens, this mood represents Joyceline very well.

trendalert-me-keira-knightley-7As the story unfolds, Joyceline becomes more comfortable in the presence of hero, Blane, Earl of Ross, and very introspective of her life and her uncertain future. However, there is a trace of a smile on her lips which reveals that she welcomes  but suppresses giving into change. This image of Keira Knightley (from her film Pride and Prejudice) captures the emotional transitions Joyceline makes deep into the story.

Lord and the Lass released summer 2015. Stay tuned for the date!



More Inspiration for Lord and The Lass (summer 2015)

Hello, Friends!~~

My next book: Lord and The Lass, to be released this summer, takes place in a remote, hidden Scottish glen. Our hero, Lord Blane Ross, finds many unexpected surprises within this verdant paradise. Here is some of my inspiration for this wondrous place…

hike2-640x245A mossy waterfall, an enticing refreshment on an unusually warm summer’s day.

35818921829996b738bbzWhat mysteries await an intrepid explorer in this sun-streaked, misty forest?


The Next Book: A Little Inspiration

Hello, Friends!~~

I am currently editing the manuscript for my next Scottish historical romance entitled: Lord and The Lass. I have always been fascinated with the Regency period in England but my heart has always been in the Scottish Highlands. After researching what was going on in Scotland in the early 19th century, I found the historical “brackets” to my latest story which jumped-started who my hero and heroine would be in this world.
I pictured what I wanted my characters to look like as I was developing them. Here is the inspiration for my hero, Blane, Earl of Ross:

English actor, Paul Bettany, is pretty much the physical embodiment of my newest romance hero. Delicious, right? Lord and The Lass will be released this Summer, exact date TBA.


Please Support Romance to the Rescue

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Romance to the Rescue is a wonderful worthy cause supporting animal rescue organizations. Ten delightful romance authors have donated ebooks at the irresistible price of 99 cents each, all proceeds go to Romance to the Rescue. If you want to enter to win one of many fabulous prizes please go HERE and enter a photo of your pet! I did and here is my entry:

IMG_3924This is Sheila, our beloved 13 year old Australian Cattle Dog. She lives in our home with our rescue cat, Gyro, who spend the majority of his time plotting and executing various forms of feline torment to Miss Sheila who takes it all in stride. Sheila lives for dog treats and barking at everything that passes by our door. Such is the life!

Please support Romance to the Rescue in anyway you can!

Tapadh leibh!~~Elizabeth

Sleepy Hollow’s New Season Begins Jan. 5th!

Hello, My Friends!~~

It’s no secret that I love a good time travel. I am especially excited about the new season of Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” beginning on Monday, January 5th. I can’t wait to see what Ichabod Cranes discovers from our time. So far this 18th century hero has discovered many 21st century delights such as: automatic windows in cars, doughnut holes, Onstar, skinny jeans (“Surely, a sign of the apocalypse.”), cell phones, and “The Bachelor”.

sleepy-hollow-season-2With Ichabod’s intelligent and lovely partner Abigail Mills, they fight to keep our world from the Apocalypse. I’ll be watching, will you?


Warrior and the Wanderer RELEASED and a FUN Give-Away!

Hello, Friends!~~
I am delighted to announce that my latest Scottish historical romance with a time travel twist is NOW available on Amazon for your e-reader!

WarriorAndTheWandererTo celebrate this release, I am hosting a FUN give away! Please visit my Elizabeth Holcombe-author Facebook page, either by clicking HERE or on the Facebook sidebar to your left. Visit the give-away button on the Facebook page (below the header), or hit the link on the Fabebook post, and enter for a chance to win a lovely antique sterling silver heart locket or one of 3 copies of Warrior and the Wanderer on ebook!

IMG_3515Sealbh math dhuibh! Good luck!~~~Elizabeth


Warrior and the Wanderer release date announced!

Hello, My Friends!~~

I am thrilled to bits to announce the release of my next Scottish historical romance with a time travel twist: Warrior and the Wanderer! NOW available for pre-order HERE!

WarriorAndTheWandererFinal-FJM_High_Res_1800x2700Warrior and the Wanderer will be released exclusively on Amazon for your e-readers on December 23rd. Around that date I will be hosting fun give-aways and more! Please follow Elizabeth Holcombe–Author on Facebook (see link to the left of this post) for up-to-date announcements!

Slàinte mhath!~~Elizabeth

Another Giveaway and A New Look for Get Kilted!

Hello, My Friends!


It’s another FAB give-away! “Get Kilted” is back with a wonderful new logo and store full of fun goodies to for you to proudly proclaim your love of Scottish historical romance! Please click on the Get Kilted button in the sidebar to visit the NEW store!  And…Enter to WIN a fun heavy duty “Get Kilted” canvas tote by simply clicking on the GIVEAWAY button on the Elizabeth Holcombe-Author Facebook page and enter! Nothing to buy! And for a second chance to win, please visit the Facebook page of my friend and best-selling author Laurin Wittig!

Slàinte and Good Luck!