Current Crush: Sleepy Hollow

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10270765_747224825356152_6670224446360210527_nMy current obsession is Sleepy Hollow on Fox! Of course I am particularly crushing on actor Tom Mison’s perfect portrayal of a sexy Ichabod Crane. As Sassenachs go, Mison’s Crane is quite drool worthy. My favorite moments are watching Ichabod try to find his place in our world since his time is eighteenth century America. He is a gentleman, a scholar, and a warrior when the need arises. I am a huge fan of time travel fiction and will in late December release my latest Scottish historical romance with a time travel twist: Warrior and the Wanderer. Stay tuned and do yourself a favor and check out Sleepy Hollow on Fox!

Slàinte mhath!~~Elizabeth

Hallowe’en In Scotland


Hallowe’en traditions in Scotland reach back to the country’s Celtic origins, celebrated by the Druids as “Samhain” meaning the end of summer. Ritual fires ensured that the sun would return the following spring. Samhain was traditionally celebrated on October 31st.

The “neepi lantern” is a Scottish tradition from the time of the Clearances. Scots celebrate Halloween by carving out large turnips and cutting a gruesome face in them and placing a candle inside. Pumpkins, a New World vegetable, are now being used more frequently, prompting a BBC radio news story that the “Neepi Lantern is Under Threat.”

turnip-o-lanternsScots also favor putting out the scary Tattie Bogle, or scarecrow.

55 tatty-bogles+

These humanoid frights can take on many different forms and are found all over the countryside. The fun blog Occasional Scotland has a great page of different Tattie Bogles. I especially like the Dr. Who Dalek tattie bogle.

And here is an except from the most famous of All Hallows Eve poems by Robert Burns, “Halloween”

Amang the bonie winding banks,
Where Doon rins, wimplin, clear;
Where Bruce ance rul’d the martial ranks,
An’ shook his Carrick spear;
Some merry, friendly, countra-folks
Together did convene,
To burn their nits, an’ pou their stocks,
An’ haud their Halloween
Fu’ blythe that night.

Have a Happy Hallowe’en!~~~Elizabeth

Time Travel Heroes: A Comparison

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I love a good time travel story, and I especially love a good time travel hero. Lately, cable TV has offered us two time travel heroes with a romantic twist: Outlander’s Jamie Frasier AND Sleepy Hollow’s Ichabod Crane. Using the Picktochart program, I made you a chart comparing Jamie and Ichabod: Two Time Travel Heroes. Please click on my Pintrest page HERE to view in full size. Enjoy!


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Inspiration is Everywhere

Sometimes I accompany my husband to Washington Nationals baseball games. He loves his “Nats”. I do find it fun to go to the occasional baseball game with him. At the games they hand you a copy of The Nats Insider magazine. While thumbing through it between innings I found inspiration for a character in my next Scottish Historical romance (with a time travel twist), Blaze of Glory. One of my secondary male characters, is a gruff, bearded, almost lion-like warrior. And I found him at a baseball game…

IMG_2765This is Jayson Werth of the Washington Nationals and perhaps the hairiest baseball player I have ever seen. This page from the magazine drew me in. Here was my character. Hairy, bearded, and with a warrior’s fierceness. An incredible find in the middle of the seventh inning.  Inspiration, blissfully, is everywhere!



Pintrest Inspiration Board

On the left side of this page you will see a delicious photo of Ewan Mcgregor . Click on Ewan to take you to my Pintrest Inspiration board. You will find the inspirational images for Heaven and the Heather, and for my next books! Here is a visual teaser for you to enjoy:

353f015607674256923d97e96f128833This is actor, Jack Huston, of Boardwalk Empire and American Hustle fame. His dark hair, wry grin,  and bedroom eyes are the perfect visual inspiration for Ian MacLean, the hero of my upcoming Scottish historical romance, with a time travel twist (title and release date TBD). If you are curious to see more inspiration for upcoming books and for Heaven and the Heather stroll on over to my Pintrest board. Adding new images all the time and the eye candy is worth the visit!