Heaven and the Heather


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A savage land. An untamed passion.
A member of the court of Mary Queen of Scots, the exquisite Sabine de Sainte Montagne is at the mercy of Her Majesty’s whims—and has been promised in marriage to a powerful, yet devious, Scottish lord.
The chief of an outlaw clan, Niall Macgregor knows his people’s future rests in the hands of the new queen. But his reckless attempt to approach her is spoiled by Sabine’s presence. Stopped cold by her raven-haired beauty, Niall barely escapes with his life.
With but a glimpse into Niall’s startling blue eyes, Sabine recognizes the freedom she so desperately craves. But it will take all of the warrior’s fierce courage and determination to pierce Sabine’s French pride and make her believe that anything can happen in the Highlands—even love….


“Does my betrothal to Lord Campbell anger you?” she asked.
“D’ye wish it to?”
“I wish it to anger you,” she whispered, watching his mouth.
“It does anger me,” he replied and lowered his lips to her neck. His breath whispered against the fine hairs, making them stand on end, dissolving her French resolve.
Niall rested his forehead against hers. “I despise Campbell more than I did when I awoke this morn. He has so much. With ye as his wife he will have wealth beyond mortal measure.”
“He will not.” The worlds barely escaped her lips. “He won’t have this moment.”
Niall smiled. “True.”
He drew her nearer, as if that were possible. Her lips tingled with anticipation. Her breath quickened.
His lips met hers, tentatively, before he pulled away, eyes searching her face. Was he looking for her approval? Not Niall MacGregor, Highland king! This man could never want for any woman’s approval.
Here in this hidden place, this moment was theirs. They were the only two people in the world. Surely, Niall knew that as well as she.
Then he clasped her to him. His scent, one of the land, captured her as his breath caressed her face in soft waves.
“This time is ours,” he whispered.
She heard herself speak from so far away. “Oui…ours….”
She fell into his kiss with a frighteningly deep and aching desire. There was no escape…


“Heavenly…delightful and delicious! An excellent writer with an exquisite historical voice.” Teresa Medeiros, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

“Ms. Holcombe has a hit with her debut book. The characters are well-drawn. The description is vivid and evocative. All in all this is a lively and entertaining read.” Debroah Brent Romantic Times

“This may be Elizabeth Holcombe’s debut novel. but it’s a must read for those fans of historical Scottish Romances!” Kathy Boswell The Best Reviews”Internal and external conflict moved like strong winds throughout the plot. Ms. Holcombe held me spellbound as I raced toward the end.” Rendezvous”Heaven and the Heather is a treat, a very fine debut for an author that has found her way on my keeper shelf and the must-have list.” Kris Alice A Romance Review”Sumptuous historical detail and a generous helping of humor make for a delightful debut.” Hope Tarr, author of Claimed by the Rogue”A fun story!…the plot (takes) many unexpected turns, the book stays lively and enjoyable.” Delia Larkins Old Book Barn Gazette

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